How to add the custom Easy Digital Downloads slug to breadcrumbs

I was soft-launching my newest project Visual Coffee and setting up Yoast SEO plugin, when I realized that the custom slug I configured with EDD_SLUG was not showing up in my breadcrumbs. Instead, the default “downloads” was showing. For example I had Home » Downloads » Parenting Blog Kits » Work at home Dad Blog […]

Writing in multiple niches: separate blogs or not?

One friend’s tweet triggered me to ask myself this question. I’m in the same boat, currently writing on 4 personal blogs and 1.5 professional/product ones. There were always different things I wanted to express, and I thought that for example a post about external HDD issues did not belong in the same place as a […]

Huge file size when copying files from APFS to exFAT

One of my APFS-formatted external HDDs suddenly became read-only, throwing this error when I plugged it in: macOS can’t repair the disk. You can still open the files on the disk, but you can’t save the changes to your files on the disk. Back up the disk and reformat it as soon as you can. […]

What’s this TIL GG nonsense?

If you’re not familiar with the abbreviations, there are links in sidebar to Urban Disctionary explanations. → That being said, my plan for is for it to become the place where I log Today I Learned items, bite-sized epiphanies, and the occasional rant.